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All of our decals are American Made by United States Military Veterans. We're Based in Coconut Creek, Florida.  0500HRS.com only use the highest quality materials to make our decals. Every decal is safely shipped FREE to anywhere in the U.S. and there is no minimum purchase. 

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"...Everything I've ever ordered from you is awesome quality and a fair price, I keep you guys on my favorite link."

Tom M.

Our Story

Our story is simple… We’re just a small group of veterans who feel that keeping the memory alive of those who served in the Vietnam War is the most important thing that we can do. Those who answered the call of duty should be held in the highest of honor and this is why we’re doing what we do. Join us on 

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We are not affiliated with any group whatsoever, we are solely funded by the items that we sell on our websites 0500hrs.com & MYDD214.com 

We truly appreciate your support. 

Thank you for your service and thank you for your time.

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